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Plans for Clerkenwell Green deserve our support

29 September, 2017

• ISLINGTON Living Streets is delighted by proposals to create a great public space in Clerkenwell Green where residents and visitors can walk and relax.

Of course, some drivers will always oppose plans to give car parking back to the people and reduce rat-running, but Islington Council must resist them.

Businesses will worry, but pubs and cafés will gain far more trade from the huge numbers of people attracted to a beautiful space, especially when the Elizabeth Line opens, than they will lose because a few customers have to park a little further away.

There will be disagreements about the details of the scheme. Should there be more paving on the sunny north side of the Green? Could an area be found for grass? But in general the principle of creating a largely pedestrianised Green deserves our support.

Islington Living Streets


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