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Flowers stolen again from community garden

Volunteers take thefts personally after all their hard work

15 October, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

Nichola Daunton examines where the plants were taken from

THIEVES have ripped up flowers from a community park in Camden Town.

The Castlehaven Community Association said that up to 40 plants and flowers had been stolen from the green space since the coronavirus lockdown began. In the latest raid, the thieves took blooms from a newly planted area in Castlehaven Road on Thursday and broke into a tool storage area to steal a mature yucca plant and holly bush. Police say they are investigating the incident.

Nichola Daunton, the charity’s environmental engagement manager, said: “We have reported it to the police and they appear to be taking it very seriously, but we just want to put a stop to it. In March and April we had someone gradually stealing all of our lavender plants so we put up a notice saying what was happening and people in the community were amazing and donated loads of lavender plants to us and we even got cash donations, but now it’s happening again.”

She added: “Over the summer we’ve been trying to beautify the parks and have planted around 12 flowers in beds so it’s really frustrating to see them gone. Our gardens are maintained almost exclusively by volunteers who are really committed, so when this happens they do take it personally, not to mention the plants in the shed had been bought by a volunteer out of his own money. It’s just sad this is happening now, when green spaces are needed more than ever.”

The organisation teaches people how to garden, grow vegetables and live sustainably. It says they have had reports from local residents who say their personal gardens have also been targeted.

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