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Plenty of near misses for pedestrians!

14 February, 2020

Pedestrian crossing just off Highbury Corner

• I HAVE had three near misses in as many weeks while attempting to cross St Paul’s Road from the Hen & Chickens.

On each occasion a vehicle has headed at full speed towards the pedestrian crossing while the green man indicated it was safe to cross.

Last Thursday it was a heavy goods vehicle which stopped just short of myself and a gentleman crossing from the other side, as we shouted and pointed to the pedestrian green light.

Vehicles coming down Holloway Road appear to have a green light to continue while the pedestrian light is showing green.

Drivers, who can perfectly well see people on the crossing (or if they can’t they shouldn’t be driving), just drive on as if we are not there.

Who is responsible for this failure to properly co-ordinate the timing of the traffic and pedestrian lights?

At some point someone will be hurt or killed and it won’t be the incompetents who devised this system.

Avenell Road, N5


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