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Political interlopers can’t compete with major parties

31 August, 2018

• RECENT political discussion has focused again on the prospects for a new moderate faction. This revives memories of the SDP attracting the discontented from the prevailing parliamentary system.

It should be remembered that the actual radical alternative back then, now almost 40 years ago, was not the aforementioned splinter group, espousing as it did a continuation of the centrist, corporatist orthodoxy then in vogue, but the agendas of the two mainstream parties.

Conservatives were veering in the direction of the laissez-faire dismantling of the state apparatus and towards a deregulated market economy. With Labour, it was a reversal to authoritarian, state-regimented socialism.

The major parties are too entrenched within the British democratic constitution for any interloper to succeed, as has been demonstrated time and time again. The outlook, at least in the immediate future, seems to be a perpetuation of the current ideological format.

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