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Polls are chance to send a message that we’re committed to the EU

10 May, 2019

• RESIDENTS overwhelmingly want to stop Brexit, as an Islington “Brexitometer” has found.

The “Brexitometer” – a sticker survey – was erected in Upper Street on Monday as Liberal Democrats launched their European election campaign.

An overwhelming number of respondents said they thought Brexit would be bad for the UK and that they want a final say in the form of a public vote.

Lib Dem MEP candidate Luisa Porritt, who joined fellow MEP candidate Dinesh Dhamija and other campaigners in Islington, said there was a lot of support for the Liberal Democrats’ message that a vote for the party was a vote to stop Brexit. Dinesh Dhamija felt that the “Brexitometer” showed the strength of local opinion on this issue. The European elections were a chance to send the message loud and clear that London was committed to a future in the European Union.

Initially, the European elections were not to be held due to the planned withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. However, with Brexit postponed until October, the elections will be held on May 23.

Early polling suggests that Labour and the Conservatives could be facing a repeat of the losses the parties suffered in the local elections last Thursday.

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