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13 November, 2021

Youngsters help plant a ‘micro-forest’

• “THIS is something that’s going to protect our environment and clean our air”, (Branch meeting: parents start to plant ‘micro-forest’, October 29).

The same can’t be said about the imminent loss of 13 mature trees from Barnard Park, alongside the installation of a plastic pitch, together with an unknown number from the Barnsbury Estate where a mega CO2-emitting demolition of the newest blocks is planned by Newlon Housing Association.

Like the Barnsbury Road former car-parking space, both these sites lie within the executive member for environment and transport’s own Barnsbury ward.

Note demolition and new-build is VAT-free, unlike the more environmentally responsible refurbishment. I trust Cllr Rowena Champion and her colleagues have raised their objections with Newlon.

Swapping parking spaces for trees is an environmental no-brainer, but so is preserving already-existing mature trees and green space, particularly on housing estates where some of the poorest and most vulnerable residents live; and in the borough with the least green space per head of population of all UK local authorities.

Ellington Street, N7


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