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Prison site homes campaign goes on

31 May, 2019

• ISLINGTON Homes for All focuses on the need for an increased provision of homes for social/council rent.

Since 2016, we have been heavily involved in the campaign for housing for social rent on the Holloway Prison site and welcome with some reservations the deal made by the Mayor of London with Peabody to provide 42 per cent homes for social rent out of the approximate 1,000 homes to be built on the site.

We note that there will be another 18 per cent or so homes for rent that will be less than the market rent. According to the approximate timescales given, the first homes should be available for tenants in about four to five years’ time.

Islington Homes for All will continue to scrutinise developments on this site, participate in consultations and forums and campaign for the best outcome for those in housing need.

These facts may be of interest to people on Islington Council’s housing waiting list who would be very welcome to join us in our campaign along with others who have an interest in the provision of homes for social rent.

A second campaign which we have mounted more recently is to prevent the sale of housing association homes in a borough which has a housing waiting list of 14,000 households.

To our knowledge, so far this year four housing association properties owned by Family Mosaic, Peabody and Clarion, containing eight homes at social rent, have been put up for auction. Such sales are happening all over London.

We are campaigning for these homes to be let to households on the Islington housing waiting list rather than be sold or auctioned.

Housing association tenants may also be interested in joining us. We meet every two to three weeks at 7pm in Islington Town Hall in Upper Street. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 18. All are welcome.

Islington Homes for All


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