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Privacy goes down loo at Barbican

21 April, 2017

• WILL the Barbican Centre instruct women to urinate standing up or risk soiling themselves following its decision to change the women’s toilets to “anybody’s” loos with longer queues (We won’t stand for gender-neutral loos, say women, April 14)?

This is sexual gerrymandering under the guise of gender neutrality, the latest cultural flatulence labelled as inclusiveness which excludes actual women and transports us beyond the “age of thrones”.

Despite international regulation for two female to every male cubicle (as women take longer), men are actively using the women’s loos more than the men’s, leading to insufferably longer queues.

We are told by the same mindset what our ablution needs should be, that our biology, menstrual and pregnancy needs cannot define us, that breastfeeding is now “chestfeeding” – despite it being carried out in the women’s “rest-room”. Our privacy has literally gone down the bog.

Our safety is also threatened by increasing incidence of toilet voyeurism and videoing under cubicles for upload. If you complain expect to be stalked in the public domain.

Importantly, no one asked why the men’s facilities were not included under gender neutrality. This smacks of sexism. Barbican, you cannot change your toilets. They are sex segregated for good reasons.



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