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Questions for Claudia Webbe

09 October, 2020

Claudia Webbe

• NOW that Leicester East MP and Islington councillor Claudia Webbe has more time on her hands, having had the Labour whip withdrawn while awaiting court on charges of harassment, perhaps she could provide a better explanation for the massive overspend on the Bunhill heating project for which she is responsible.

In summary, £10million was budgeted to heat 1,000 households. It has a 60 per cent overspend and the final cost has yet to be revealed. That’s at least £16million, or £16,000 per household.

Her explanation at the time was that one cannot put a price on saving the planet. Fortunately you can, especially when the cost of solar panels has fallen by one-third over the last decade.

How can she and Islington Council justify such extravagant spending in such straitened times on so few people? Will the Labour one-party state that is the council take similar action to the national party and distance themselves from her?

Please don’t publish my name or address, unless, of course, Islington want to send me a cheque for £16,000!



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