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Quietway an opportunity, not a threat

27 July, 2018

• PAUL Thornton appears to be positioning the Amwell Society to adopt a negative posture to Quietway 10 yet the locality has one of the lowest car ownership levels in the country, (Amwell Street racetrack will post threat to shops, July 20).

When 68 per cent of households have no access to a car or van, why should their streets be dominated by motor traffic?

An estimated five extra deaths locally per year are attributable to airborne fine particulate matter while the rest of us are slowly poisoned by airborne pollution caused largely by motor vehicles, including more than 6,000 a day in Amwell Street.

The growing body of evidence about harm caused by urban traffic is why cities like New York, Berlin, Paris and Manchester are, like London, redesigning streets to support active travel. Businesses won’t bet their future on passing motor trade because cars don’t spend money, people do.

Opposing traffic reduction won’t stop congestion and pollution. The Quietway is part of the solution and should be seen as an opportunity, not a threat. Thousands signed the Quietway petition because they want to reduce pollution and traffic noise for people living and working along the route.

Amwell Street is almost 200 years old so it clearly predates the motor car. Now is the opport­unity to reconfigure the street along “Healthy Streets” principles so everyone from schoolchildren to pensioners will be able to walk, scoot and cycle here in comfort and safety.

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