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Quietway: give it a go

31 August, 2018

• AS a long-term resident of the Amwell area, I know my neighbours and shopkeepers are a generous, spirited lot, which makes the fury of some towards cyclists hard to understand.

I cross Amwell Street on foot on my way to and from work at the times cyclists commute, and at other times. I have found cyclists and motorists alike courteous.

There are, of course, regular breaks in cycle and motor traffic in line with the traffic lights in Penton­ville Road and Rosebery Avenue. On the occasions when I have seen an emergency vehicle in the street, cyclists have quickly moved – not always so easy for cars and lorries.

Not only are children and adults much more likely to be killed or injured by a vehicle, but there is increasing evidence that emissions from vehicles damage cognition in young and old. With a primary school whose windows open onto Amwell Street, isn’t it worth giving the Quietway a go?



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