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Rainbow Butterfly and Magical Butterfly

03 September, 2020

Rainbow Butterfly

Butterfly rainbow your beauty,
Reflects on the shadow,
You enjoy the days that sparkle
And shine,
Nature welcomes you to
You flutter in summer’s eiderdown,
Long after the autumn leaves
Fall red, gold, bronze and brown,
You love the flowers with
Bright colours,
That flower in hot summers,
You flutter in the twilight
Enjoying the sweet nectar from
Each flower,
You flutter down memory lane,
After the showery rain,
You flutter where the kites
Reach for the blue sky,
Just like you rainbow

Magical Butterfly

Magical butterfly as if by magic you appear,
Nature loves you and holds you so dear,
You’re the star of the show,
You flutter among colourful flowers that grow,
You love their colourful faces,
You flutter where the wind chases,
You flutter in spring a new beginning,
Where the colourful windmills are spinning
You flutter in the meadows
where the air feels so fresh and clean so serene,
You flutter near a shallow stream
Where the water runs so crystal clear,
Birds sweet song you love to hear,
In fields you’ll always find
Lavender of the sweetest kind.



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