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Rare goat in search of a name

One of only 300 in the world, city farm’s latest ‘very, very cute’ arrival is a winner with visitors

28 July, 2017 — By Aleesha Hansel

The Bagot kid goat recently born at Freightliners City Farm, Holloway, who is in need of a name

A BABY goat that is one of fewer than 300 in the world is in need of a name.

Born at Freightliners City Farm, in Holloway, on July 8, she joins two other female Bagot goats as part of an initiative with the Rare Breed Survival Trust to increase numbers.

The yet-to-be named kid is the first goat to be born this year at the farm and is likely to be the only new arrival.

Manager Liz McAllister, 39, said: “She is very, very cute. I think the cutest breed of goat. And is currently deciding whether she likes to eat the fence.”

The goat, who was up and walking when just an hour old, lives with mother Gwendolyn and auntie Gertrude, both two years old.

According to the Bagot Goat Society, only 296 of the breed existed in 2016, with none believed to live outside the UK.

The Bagot is thought to be Britain’s oldest breed of goat, with the first documented recording dating from 1389 in Staffordshire, although the goats’ exact origins are unknown.

They are currently categorised by the RBST as “vulnerable” having previously been on the “critically endangered” watch list in 2010.

Ms McAllister is now encouraging people to learn about the breed by visiting the farm to say hello and name her.

She said: “Little kids are so inquisitive and interactive. Goats like people.”

Freightliners City Farm, in Sheringham Road, is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 4.45pm.


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