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Reaction to the virus crisis shows the borough in its best light

22 May, 2020

• IN response to the letter from William Taylor (Gardens have become an oasis for the inner-city, May 15), I would like to express my gratitude to all of the volunteers who work so hard to maintain and improve Thornhill Gardens, and other green spaces in Islington.

It has been magnificent to see how it has flourished, particularly in these strange coronavirus times when volunteers have chosen to garden as their exercise, while keeping to social distancing guidelines.

Thornhill Gardens is just one of the many examples across Islington where volunteers have been invaluable in the council’s response to coronavirus.

Maintaining green spaces, like Thornhill, allowed council staff to focus on our larger green areas, and to carry out critical activities such as encouraging social distancing and supporting key services such as street cleaning, waste and recycling.

This crisis has really shown our borough in its best light. I look forward to welcoming many new volunteers into our parks and open spaces once we are able to organise community events again.

In solidarity.

Executive Member for Environment & Transport


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