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Read a politician’s tweets and learn!

07 February, 2020

Councillor Claudia Webbe

• SOCIAL media sites like Twitter are one way of keeping tabs on the work of our elected representatives. By following what they tweet and retweet, you can see what their priorities are and what is important to them.

Claudia Webbe, newly-elected MP for Leicester East, is still a councillor on Islington Council representing Bunhill ward. In January of this year she tweeted and retweeted over 100 times.

Not one of them was about the day-to-day affairs of Islington, though her constituents might be interested in who she is backing for Labour leader and her latest appearances on Leicester media.

We have been promised an election in May. Until then, the people of Bunhill are being represented by someone whose Twitter feed reveals their true priorities.

This is a fairly sorry state of affairs, that shows the urgent need for representation beyond the dominant Labour group in Islington.

Islington Green Party


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