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Relax Remainers, your European holiday will still go ahead after Brexit

02 March, 2018

• EVER since the Referendum in June 2016, the Remainers have been doing their best to overturn the result. A persistent argument is that a majority in Islington voted to Remain, but that is irrelevant.

It wasn’t an Islington-wide referen­dum or even a London-wide one. It was a national referendum and nationally the majority voted to Leave.

It’s implied that if we leave the EU, we will cut ourselves off from other European countries completely – no more holidays in Europe, no more visiting friends, or people in the medical, scientific or cultural community being able to meet for discussions.

This is nonsense. Those things will still go ahead.

The EU of 40 years ago was a very different set-up. Then, each country in the EU was able to make its own decisions, according to their different circum­stances, but uniting when it was beneficial.

Today, all EU countries have to abide by the decisions of the majority. That’s one of the reasons for the Leave majority in this country wanting more independence.

The reason we need immigration is because large-scale employers, in particular, have failed to train people in this country, preferring instead to grab other countries’ skilled workers, but we should not have to rely on them indefinitely (What the immigrants’ own country is supposed to do for labour and skilled people is a mystery – train some more, just to see them poached again by Britain?).

It should also be pointed out that Leave voters have never wanted no immigration, but a situation where there is control over the number of immigrants coming here at any one time, mainly so we can accommodate them.

The EU has never solved our housing shortage, nor the necessity of foodbanks or the continuing destruction of the NHS. Like so many other things, the working class and others will have to continue to fight for their interests because nobody else is going to do it for us.

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