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Religion and politics do not might mix

18 December, 2020

‘Religion and politics, in a Christian sense at least, do not mix’

• WHILE manifesto commitments are invariably more a wish list of party political aims rather than achievements the latest Labour Party race and faith articles are only marginally short of ironic.

The message of greater cohesion and understanding has almost immediately broken down to warring factions.

While cultural diversity has been handled with some amount of deference within the manifesto, faith only gets a mention primarily in relation to “being free from persecution” and an acknowledgement of its differences.

There is no attempt at defining its intrinsic value. It might have been clearer to admit that religion and politics, in a Christian sense at least, do not mix.

This was exacerbated last week with the Labour Party shadow faith minister Janet Daby handing in her resignation. She had said that there needed to be something in place that respects people’s conscience and views of faith.

What that something is or what it might produce appears to have been enough for Ms Daby to resign and release a statement through her office saying “Janet’s comments were made in consideration of a person of faith – but do not reflect her own views.”

We wait in further perplexity and not without some increasing irony to see what the next shadow minister of “faith” might induce.

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