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Remainers are ignoring the shift to hard right throughout Europe

30 November, 2018

• PAUL Lasok detects momentum (no pun I hope) for a second referendum, (Second referendum is only way out of this Brexit mess, November 23).

MP Keir Starmer tells us it is on the table, in which event he must surely resign from his position as Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Not a good look campaigning to remain in the EU while shadowing “Leading and co-ordinating cross-government work to seize the opportunities and ensure a smooth process of exit on the best possible terms”.

A shadow secretary for Leave who wants to remain! Who would have thought it? Pass the baton of the six tests to someone else. Why bother when we know they are as much use as a carboy of battery acid to an onion pickler?

In reality it is no longer possible to have a second referendum now the issue has been reduced to the putrefying squalor of party politics by this parliament. We already voted on a deal, David Cameron’s deal, in 2016.

The choice being to remain in the EU based on his renegotiated terms or leave. We voted to leave so the question in any new vote can only be to leave according to the terms of Theresa May’s deal or leave with no deal.

Remainers are defined by their refusal to find fault with the EU. They turn a blind eye to the euro, which has devastated the lives of millions of, mostly young, people.

The customs union is anti-free trade and employs member states as unpaid tax collectors while raising prices and discriminating against less-fortunate people in poor countries.

They fail to anticipate future agitation by Russia in the Baltic: Harmony is the largest party in the Latvian legislature.

They ignore the shift to the right in EU legislatures that will manifest itself, with up to 30 per cent of the EU Parliament in May 2019 being hard right and in receipt of substantial subsidy from Brussels.

Ignore the hard right and you comfort the hard right and become a cheerleader for the hard right. Maybe it’s time they took the trouble to give a little thought to the matter instead of trolling the West End waving a flag that looks like an egg-stained boiler suit.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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