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Remainers had everything in their favour but still managed to lose referendum

28 September, 2018

• RICHARD Rosser fails to recognise the oxymoron in the LSE critique on which he relies, (Not a good week for Rees-Mogg and his acolytes, September 21).

If no econometrics can be perfect how can any of the “truths” used in the process be useful? Does the LSE flatter itself that economics is a “science”? Just admit to picking whatever analysis suits your prejudice.

The test is that any economist who does not condemn the euro as a reckless and destructive folly should be ignored. The EU may not like those of us who voted to leave, but they despise those who voted to remain.

They had the easy task of winning the referendum with the odds stacked. David Cameron spent millions of our money to compose and send to every household a pamphlet to persuade us to vote to remain.

At least eight times it mentioned that leaving the EU meant leaving the single market. We all read it so we all knew.

They began the campaign in the lead, chose the date and framed the question, dissembled with “Project Fear”, permitted people who should have remained impartial to compromise their position, recruited the International Monetary Fund to frighten us.

Barack Obama in the twilight of his presidency diminished himself in the cause. The Speaker gave them a 48-hour extension just to make sure.

They lost because they couldn’t be bothered to get out and vote on a rainy day, didn’t take the trouble to campaign, study the facts, write letters, leaflet, put up posters.

If it meant so little to them then why are they so blinded with hysteria now? How useless must they look to the folk in Brussels?

Having failed to deliver the result the EU had been promised, they will not be given special treatment. The EU is not compiling a guest list of camp followers, supplicants, blue badge holders, Rotarians, Toc H, Liberal Democrats and wavers of the white flag.

If you want proof of just how low these people will sink look at the way they treated Theresa May in Salzburg. You don’t have to like or support her but she is a woman and our PM. Well-brought-up men and a couple of women do not invite a woman into their company to bully her.

All our politicians should declare a truce and collectively condemn the behaviour of the EU heads of state. I fear some of the present lot are no better.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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