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Remember, drivers have to pay for upkeep of our roads

26 October, 2018

‘Motorists are paying something in the region of 70 per cent of the cost of fuel in taxes’

• IN 2015, I wrote to you about the misuse of statistics by the vociferous cycling lobby.

The figures about car use and ownership in Islington that Meg Howarth (Our roads are littered with the menace that’s a parked car, October 12) and Anita Friz­zarin (More parking spaces, more fumes, October 5) cite are flawed.

They both use figures that were published by Transport for London in 2011. The more reliable information can be extracted from the census of 2011.

According to the census, car ownership in Islington had dropped to 31 per cent, which represents the number of car owners.

If you examine the statistics further you will see that the number of passenger journeys in Islington-owned cars is approximately 53 per cent. The number of cycling journeys is minuscule compared to these figures.

Motorists are paying something in the region of 70 per cent of the cost of fuel in taxes of one sort or another as well as other taxes when they purchase a vehicle, annual vehicle licensing fees and parking charges.

These taxes provide not only for the upkeep of the roads but leave a large surplus for other social needs. Will cyclists pay for the use and upkeep of the roads and provide the surplus revenue? They need to answer how this shortfall in revenue will be met.



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