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Report ‘Independence Day’ raves to us, say police

Officer warns of ‘sexual assaults, drugs and anti-social behaviour’ at illegal gatherings

03 July, 2020 — By Calum Fraser

THE police officer leading Islington’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has called on the public to report “unlicensed music events” before they get started amid a spate of illegal raves across the capital.

Superintendent Neil Holyoak told the Tribune that his biggest concern for this weekend – dubbed “Independence Day” by prime minister Boris Johnson – was people setting up illegal sound systems.

He said: “Evidence tells us a high rate of sexual assaults, drugs and anti-social behaviour occur at these events without appropriate security and licensing conditions to keep them in check. If it is happening in your street don’t assume we know about it. Please report it.”

Videos were shared on social media last weekend of illegal raves across London which then turned violent with one man brandishing a sword in one clip and people jumping on a police car in another.

Supt Holyoak added: “To prevent that kind of disorder we need to be able to get in there as they are setting up the music systems.”


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