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Resist this ‘deal’ that threatens Palestine

26 June, 2020

• WEDNESDAY next week, July 1, is the day that the US and Israel have jointly agreed to start the final attack on Palestine, not with guns and bombs but by starting the annexation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, a third of the occupied territories and including the rich Jordan valley.

We say “enough!” And we’re not alone.

The United Nations condemns the annexation as illegal. So does the European Union, so does every Palestinian group and party, and so even do several Israeli parties. There have been angry demonstrations across the world, including in Israel itself.

Donald Trump calls it the “deal of the century”. The “deal” is to get the Palestinians off Israel’s back, finally and permanently, by:

• Removing the remaining elements necessary for a Palestine state to exist, for example, a capital city, control of borders, etc.

• Ending any claim of Palestinians to the right to return to their land – the land from which they have been ethnically cleansed.

• Wiping out the problem of the millions of Palestinian refugees by simply insisting there are no refugees.

• Denying any remaining possibility of a “two-state solution”, since there will not be enough of Palestine to exist as a state; it will not be allowed to retain even part of Jerusalem as its capital; it will have no independence; it will be allowed no army but will be controlled and policed by the Israeli army.

And without a Palestinian state or any further “negotiation” towards it, the “peace process” is now abandoned.

In fact it never existed except as a carrot to feed the west’s support of the Israeli state.

On July 1 at 1pm we will be outside Islington Town Hall, to stand with the nationwide – and worldwide – protests against this final brutality against the Palestinian people.

They have endured every Israeli brutality since 1948, and we ask you to come and join us, to stand in solidarity with a people who continue to endure the longest occupation in history.

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