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Respected teacher’s reputation is hung out to dry!

29 November, 2019

Barrie O’Shea, who was at Duncombe for 30 years before retiring last summer

• HOW disappointing that Barrie O’Shea should have to resort to your columns in order to clear his name, (Cameras in Dumcombe Primary School, from Barrie O’Shea, November 22).

As a governor of three Islington schools (though never Duncombe primary), I worked alongside Barrie for many years on school funding issues. Like others, I knew him to be a well-respected, caring, head teacher who had achieved a great deal at Duncombe.

While I recognise the importance of taking seriously any suggestion that children are not being properly safeguarded, it is of great concern to me that his reputation has effectively been hung out to dry over recent months.

Why would the school not respond to your calls, and the local authority not return his calls, after the matter had been investigated?

Unless the school and the local authority have reason to disbelieve his explanation – published in your November 22 edition – I hope that they will now make a public statement of support.

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