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Review: An Enemy of the People, at Theatro Technis

16 June, 2017 — By John Gulliver

James Keene as Dr Thomas Stockmann in An Enemy of the People. Photo: David Sprecher-Tower

AT a time of Trumpism and the scourge of climate deniers comes a prophetic revival of a 135-year-old classic by Ibsen.

The plausible plot turns on a leading doctor in a spa town who discovers the water supply from the local baths is full of toxins. This infuriates the business community, the mayor and the press, who realise public exposure will ruin the town.

It’s the old dilemma of truth versus the threatened livelihood of the citizens. Ibsen stretches this debate in a galloping second act, pulsating with the Nietzschean theory popular in the 19th century, and dissects how the views of the majority are so often reactionary.

Tower Theatre are to be congratulated for their bold choice – a version by Rebecca Lenkiewicz that strips Ibsen to the bone.

James Keene, in a difficult role as the doctor, is a degree too intensive, and the production too pacey, but this remains a brilliant play.

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