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Review: Brexit, at King’s Head Theatre

27 June, 2019 — By Eileen Morrison

David Benson in Brexit. Photo: Steve Ullathorne

THE real Brexit might be a serious matter, but Brexit by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky is a hilarious look at the possible reality of politics, and how some less than scrupulous people operate behind the scenes.

Brexit negotiations have dragged on for four years, and new Conservative prime minister Adam Masters, ably played by David Benson, finds himself elected with a highly divided party in which there are few, if any, he can trust, together with a brief to leave the EU, although he has absolutely no idea how or on what terms.

By cunning, deviousness and knowledge of human nature, he assembles his team, but is no match for the equally devious EU negotiator, who is determined that Britain will give everything and get nothing.

Lasting just an hour and a quarter, the play packs in more action and humour than many twice its length, and the ending will only come as a real surprise to someone who has not already realised the degree to which the PM and EU negotiator operate in similar ways.

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