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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Every scene is an attack on the senses in this second adventure with Marvel’s Guardians

28 April, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Kurt Russell as Ego in the eyeball-scorching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Directed by James Gunn
Certificate 12a

Zooming through outer space while bantering with a motley crew of space oddities, Marvel’s Guardians is a franchise that combines a kind of Red Dwarf humour (though for more generic American tastes) with utterly spectacular effects.

In this second instal­ment, the gang led by Peter Quill – aka Star Lord (Chris Pratt) – are embroiled in an adventure that starts with cheeky racoon Rocket (Bradley Cooper) pinch­ing some super-batteries off a race of Brave New World-style, genetically bred, gold-skinned aliens and then leads us into a tale where he discovers he is the son of a god called Ego (Kurt Russell).

Star Lord has some decisions to make about what the future holds for him in light of fresh information arising about his heritage, while flirt­ing with his alien beau Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and shooting laser-guns at all and sundry.

But the crankily told story is not really important. This is a graphically eyeball-scorching film, with every scene an attack on the senses. It’s packed with wisecracks – some good, others not so – and general silliness throughout.

Scene-stealers are Rocket, and cute walking, talking plant man Groot (Vin Diesel) who have the best lines.

If you’re a Guardians fan, there is no reason you won’t enjoy the spectacle. If you are new to this caper, you may think it a little too pleased with itself and a little too satisfied that crashes, bangs and wallops make up for a storyline.

But it does have an ace soundtrack, so if you lose concentration, sit back and tap your feet to some nostalgic 70s rock.


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