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Review: In Search of Applause, at Old Red Lion Theatre

22 February, 2019 — By ERIN COBBY

CLEVERLY put together with a vapidly complex central character, In Search of Applause is a quirky one-woman show that explores the relationship between motivation and dissatisfaction and asks can true validation come from within?

Unemployed clown Lorelei (Maroussia Vladi also playwright) lives a life of travel and luxury awarded to her by computer-obsessed, self-satisfied boyfriend Nigel. Life would be perfect, if she wasn’t so lonely.

Her desperate need for contact is emphasised by direct address, as apart from her therapist and juice bar employee Harry, the audience are Lorelei’s only confidants. This sense of solitude is exacerbated by a clever use of props.

Vladi’s performance evokes a mix of pity and annoyance, inviting the audience to both laugh with her and at her. Her humorous use of mime underlines the ridiculousness of her behaviour, although there is true sorrow and frustration in her performance.

Until March 2
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