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Review: Jekyll and Hyde, at Pleasance Theatre

08 June, 2017 — By Sabrina Dougall

IF you forget about the Victorian novella of the same name on the struggle of nobility and visceral desire (the cast often did) then it is easier to enjoy the oddball show by Let Them Call It Mischief and the Pleasance Theatre.

Far and away the best piece of the puzzle is Elliott Ross as Richard Enfield. Clearly loving every second (he plays seven of the 10 characters), Ross carries the show with flair and sass. A standout scene is a brilliantly bizarre conversation between two completely different characters – both played simultaneously by Ross.

Andrew Venning in the lead role of John Utterson seems to want to get the story over and done with. There is potential in the interaction between Venning and the off-stage voice in his head, but this never rounded out.

Alyssa Noble as quick-witted Martha brings drive to the story of a power-crazed mayor who spends his days producing a cure for London’s cholera plague and his nights developing a more potent strain of the disease.

Several meta moments where the characters acknowledge the stagecraft add a humorous modern twist to an otherwise haphazard play. Overall, it’s watchable light entertainment with some genuinely funny moments, but would benefit from cutting several lengthy and pointless scenes.

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