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The View From Nowhere at Park Theatre

06 July, 2017 — By Catherine Usher

Mensah Bediako in The View from Nowhere. Photo: Jamie Scott-Smith

Often when theatre does “quirky” characters, they can be rather too theatrical, but Mensah Bediako’s eccentric scientist PG “Prez” Washington has the audience won over in an instant with his zany, friendly and enthusiastic personality.

The circular stage is a vivid focal point and the stark setting emphasises the ordered, scientific world they operate in, and it’s clear to see how Prez, dressed in his colourful wardrobe among all the lab coats, stands out.
The focus on prejudice is a thread throughout the play with each of the four characters battling their own demons.

Prez is achingly aware of his own distinctive background among his scientist peers – he grew up on a council estate. Emma Mulkern is a delight as the pensive researcher Sandy, who feels so much emotion but is ill-equipped to handle her feelings.

As the driven, corporate Rona, Nina Toussaint-White is measured in her portrayal. Rona could easily be a stereotype in less capable hands, but Toussaint-White manages to avoid cliché – she’s simply a company type whose loyalty is aligned to the highest bidder.

Math Sams’ biochemist-turned-pharmaceutical company lackey is the most understated role, but it makes sense that there’s a wallflower among such strong characters.

For a show that initially appears to be about science, The View From Nowhere ultimately reveals that people are its main concern, but – unlike science – there’s no winning formula to solve their complex problems.

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