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Road users: it’s two wheels up, four wheels down

Town Hall reveals latest figures from Low Traffic Neighbour­hood trial, with more cyclists and fewer cars

12 March, 2021 — By Helen Chapman

CYCLING is up and car use is down in one of the council’s “Low Traffic Neighbour­hoods”, according to mid-trial figures.

The Town Hall said it is continuing to monitor the impact of the scheme in the St Peter’s ward area, which has seen some roads closed to cars.

The measures led to weekly protests outside the Town Hall last year, with opponents arguing that the changes will cause gridlock on main roads.

The use of experimental traffic orders has also been challenged – a system used in the wake of the Covid pandemic to evaluate schemes after they are put in place rather than holding large consultation events before.

Islington’s mid-trial monitoring report for St Peter’s found that there was a 51 per cent rise in cycling in Wharf Road. In smaller streets, traffic fell by 57 per cent. But in New North Road traffic rose by 32 per cent. The council say they will continue to monitor the main roads.

Environment cabinet member Labour councillor Rowena Champion said: “It is the area we want to keep close attention to.

“I know a couple of things people are interested in on roads is whether or not the air pollution will get worse and from what we have seen is it hasn’t.”


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