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Round in circles over the roundabout

06 March, 2020

Pedestrian crossing just off Highbury Corner

• IN his letter (The pedestrian area could reopen to traffic, February 28), R Lyddon suggests closing the south portion of Highbury Corner roundabout and reopening the now-closed western side, which does make sense, especially when it is suggested that the day 277 bus could lay over on that section.

I assume the southern section to mean the part between Canonbury Road and Upper Street, allowing traffic to access Holloway Road and Upper Street in both directions.

This would put the road layout back to how it was before the roundabout was built in the late 1950s/early 60s. But when does authority do anything that is actually sane and sensible?

Funnily enough, the 277 night bus route runs past Dalston along its former day route, round the remains of the roundabout and along Upper Street, right into Pentonville Road and terminating in Baron Street.

It then turns into White Lion Street and left into Upper Street on its way back. I have written to Transport for London asking them why the 277 day bus cannot also go this way, but so far a deafening silence.

I also agree with David Barnes (‘Keep clear’ yellow boxes would help, February 28) – why can’t a box junction be placed at the crossing outside Highbury and Islington station, so that the crossing is keep clear for pedestrians?

As to the eastbound bus stop in St Paul’s Road, the shelter did not need to be removed. All it needed was for part of the pavement that was built out – which caused the eastbound conges­tion – to be removed.

Clissold Crescent, N16


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