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Sainsbury’s must accept ‘No’ decision

07 July, 2017

• WHAT part of the word “No” are the bosses of Sainsbury’s persistently failing to understand?

Islington Council has made it abundantly clear that it would be counter-productive to allow yet another Sainsbury’s store to be imposed on the Blackstock Road area.

Only four months ago it was reported that a Sainsbury’s spokesman had said that they recognised the decision made by the council and were considering options.

Well, he was not alone. We all recognised the decision and it was unambiguous. No means no! It’s as simple as that.

It now transpires that this hostile giant was incapable of admitting its mistake with dignity and has been mobilising its lawyers to undermine the people of Islington by lodging an unwelcome appeal behind the scenes.

Highbury is a special place and one of its greatest strengths has always been the absence of chain stores. Sainsbury’s could destroy that in one fell swoop.

It is a fallacy that its store could create jobs; it would displace jobs, crush diversity, wipe out the friendly interaction offered by independent shops and homogenise the area.

There are probably a lot of residents who would welcome Sainsbury’s goods. They are already well served. There are three Sainsbury’s and two Tesco stores within easy walking distance of Finsbury Park station. Home delivery is also readily available.

Time is running out. We have until July 19 to help the council to thwart Sainsbury’s appeal. Please visit @SaveN4N5Shops to find out how you can help.

The council is overstretched thanks to vicious cuts, but it is still acting in the interests of our community. Local shops are fighting for the survival of themselves and the communities they have always served.

Sainsbury’s, on the other hand, seems more interested in scoring points off councils than in providing a worthwhile service. Its bosses are behaving like shortsighted, insensitive, greedy bullies and their corporate social responsibility is in tatters.

Monsell Road, N4


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