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Salary money could be put to better use

02 August, 2019

• I AM a 77-year-old Islington resident with no connection to Highbury Fields Bandstand and the One O’Clock Club.

After reading your July 26 story about the club’s possible closure (Last stand for Highbury Fields Bandstand?), and the fact that in 2017 Islington Council slashed £12,500 from the previous £19,500 funding, I then read on page 8 that the new council chief executive will be paid £20,000 more than her predecessor!

What madness is this? So an institution, well-loved by young and old, faces closure. Surely the new chief executive could scrape by on the old £160,000 pa (now at present £180,000) and that saving of £20,000 go toward funding not only Highbury Fields Bandstand, but other worthy ventures.

Clephane Road, N1


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