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Satnav has cost us dear

09 October, 2020

• WHILE I understand the frustrations of having to spend a little more time travelling by car or taxi, it is essential to see the big picture.

One of your correspondents seemed to blame just the current Covid-19 pandemic for the changes (October 2). This is not the case.

According to motor vehicles figures compiled by the Department for Transport, traffic on residential streets in London shot up by an astonishing 72.2 per cent between 2009 and 2019.

Meanwhile traffic on main roads dropped. This is largely the result of navigation devices in vehicles now being used so widely.

So living in Islington, with its notorious rat-runs, means ever increasing levels of residential traffic if nothing is done to stop them.

Therefore the council should be supported in taking swift action for the benefit of the great majority of residents. But this does also mean taking into account genuine local concerns about the road changes.



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