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Save Sotheby Mews Day Centre

19 July, 2019

Campaigners fighting to save Sotheby Mews Day Centre

• IT’S nearly three years since we heard that Sotheby Mews Day Centre was going to close and I would ask all Islington councillors “if you found out tomorrow if you heard that your town hall was to close and be demolished… how would you feel?”

That’s how we feel. We have been determined to convince you that Sotheby Mews Day Centre, Highbury, belongs to the community and doesn’t have to be destroyed.

We presented 2,000 signatures to you two years ago. Did you see them or even consider them? This is a great democratic country and they told you that the day centre belongs to the community that elected you as a councillor. It has to stay open.

We may be retired from work as users of the centre but not from life. A few weeks ago we heard a statement from Cllr Richard Watts about his plans for the centre.

Cllr Watts, you may be a great politician, but how can you make a statement about the centre without visiting the site and – most importantly – without contacting the people that it will most affect?

If more services are destroyed you have to start thinking about new hospitals with psychiatric wards for the elderly who become depressed after being confined to their homes.

Why is it that the council cannot build houses and a new community centre in Sotheby Mews? Because we are not worth it?

I am 81 years old and the Sotheby Mews centre helps me physically and mentally. It is spacious with a lovely green area and easy access.

Maybe this letter will just be ignored? But it is not going to stop me asking you to please build houses without destroying our community and Save Sotheby Mews.

Campaigner with Save Sotheby Mews


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