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Say no to first-past-the-post polls

26 March, 2021

‘We believe First-Past-the-Post is harmful to democracy’

• WE are activists from Make Votes Matter (MVM), a non-partisan campaign to introduce PR, proportional representation, at Westminster to make everyone’s vote count.

We believe First-Past-the-Post is harmful to democracy because it ignores millions of voters and elects MPs opposed by two-thirds of voters.

This leads to “majority” governments that don’t reflect how the country voted and discourages many from voting because they feel (not unjustly) their vote doesn’t matter.

The unfairness of this was glaring at the 2019 general election when the current government got an 80-seat majority on only 43 per cent of the vote.

The governing party’s seats have not matched votes in around 90 per cent of all general elections since 1935.

We need a voting system that is fair and reflects the way people vote. We need PR, which already works well across the UK, including for the London Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.

Those concerned about “losing the constituency link” can be assured there are forms of PR that keep this link, including STV, single transferable vote, and AMS, alternative member system.

As part of an MVM mass lobby of MPs on March 12 we met the office of Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn.

We hope Mr Corbyn will join the growing number of MPs who back this campaign to make votes matter for the many, not just the few, voters in key marginal seats.

Make Votes Matter
North London group


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