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Scaffolding collapses on car in Archway

It's thought the scaffolding was blown over by the wind

25 September, 2020

EMERGENCY services have cordoned off an area near Archway tube station after scaffolding collapsed onto a parked car.

Pictures show the blue car under a pile of metal poles and building material parked outside an empty shop on Junction Road.

Two police cars and a fire engine are at the scene. There are not thought to be any injuries.

Neighbours said the shop had been empty since the start of lockdown, and that a bakery had previously occupied the site next door to the Burger Street restaurant.

Cesar Rodrigues is the owner of the car damaged by the scaffolding. Mr Rodrigues, a bus driver whose first day of retirement is today, had only left the parked car with his wife moments before the scaffolding fell.

He said: “We’d only just got out of the car. Me and my wife decided to cross the road and heard a thump. I turned around and saw that [scaffolding] was on top of my car and my heart was thumping. We could have been killed.”

Witness Stephen Adams told the Tribune: “I was on the phone to my son and heard the woman scream. The occupants of the car had just got out of the car and I heard the crash”

Charlie Patel from Butler’s News said: “I was upstairs nodding off on the settee and my wife said did you hear that crash?”


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