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Scammer steals bike… then cycles up to police to ask for directions

Officers were on patrol in Upper Street when they were approached by a man asking them for help

26 January, 2018

PC Ben Thomas and PC Dominique Winkworth returning the stolen bike to its owner

A STOLEN bike was returned to its owner after the culprit asked police for directions following the theft.

PC Dominique Winkworth and PC Ben Thomas were on patrol in Upper Street when they were approached by a man on a bike asking them for directions to Angel.

A short time earlier the same officers had reported a theft involving a woman in Gillespie Road, Highbury, whose bike had been stolen in a scam deal. She had been trying to sell the bike online, and had arranged to meet a potential buyer at the tube station. The man just took the bike and cycled off with it. He was described as wearing a distinctive beanie hat and the officers on patrol recognised him, checked the bike’s frame number, and made an arrest.

PC Winkworth said: “This was a callous act to steal a bike that the victim had legitimate­ly offered for sale over the internet. Thanks to the victim’s prompt reporting of the offence we were able to obtain as much information as possible in order to investigate the matter, and we are very glad to now be able to return this bike to its owner.

“This is an example of why it’s so important to record the frame number of your bike.”


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