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School climate strikers and Islington pensioners unite after Tribune article

'Some people think we’re old dodders who don’t think too much, but actually we do.'

08 March, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

Islington Pensioners Forum’s Bob Collins with Nathalie Sowden

PENSIONERS have invited schoolchildren to speak to them about climate change after they read an article in the Tribune, writes Calum Fraser.

Bob Collins, chairman of Islington Pensioners Forum, wrote to the newspaper last week after reading Nathalie Sowden’s Forum article about the climate march last month when thousands of school- children across the country left classrooms for the day.

The pair met this week outside Nathalie’s school, St Mary Magdalene Academy in Holloway, to make plans for pupils who are passionate about climate to talk about the issue with pensioners.

Bob said: “We read Nathalie’s article and it just seemed to come together with what we were discussing in the forum.

“Some people think we’re old dodders who don’t think too much, but actually we do.

“We have looked at the issue of climate change in a different way maybe to how young people would. We have watched the way the price of utilities that rely on fossil fuels have just gone up and up over the years.”

A second youth climate change march is planned for March 15.

Nathalie, 17, said: “I have always been aware of climate issues.”

She had not planned to be involved in the march, but when she heard about it she decided to stand up on a chair in the school common room and ask other students to join her.

She said: “It’s amazing how little things can suddenly change everything.

“Meeting Bob has been great and I hope this can be the start of a discussion about how the changing climate affects people across the generations.”

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