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Science rules! Experimental day of lessons and games

16 March, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

Teacher Erin O’Leary and scientist-in-residence Thomas Martin with science ambassadors Rehane and Nadir

A PRIMARY school devoted an entire day to science on Wednesday, by chance the day that eminent physicist Stephen Hawking died.

Pakeman Primary School, in Holloway, marked British Science Week by staging a host of scientific games, lessons and discoveries.

Children clambered into a giant science “pod” set up in the school hall. The school’s science ambassadors are Rehane, in year 6, and Nadir, in year 5. Nadir said: “I love doing experiments because it’s all about learning new things. It’s fascinating.”

Year 4 pupil Dante

The science ambassadors hold weekly meetings to plan activities. They were chosen after making job-style applications and going through an interview process aimed at preparing children for the wider world of work.

Rehane said: “Sometimes we will do a film club, like screenings of Blue Planet.”

Thomas Martin, scientist-in-residence at Pakeman Primary, helped organise the day.

Mr Martin is one of the few scientists-in-residence in Islington, a role first created by Carole Kenrick, at Gillespie Primary School.

Mr Martin said: “It’s important to encourage their learning and appreciation of science while having fun too.”

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