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Seanie T’s mental health match of the day

Former Prodigy star among those set to take part in charity event

30 July, 2021 — By Helen Chapman

Dub Pistols’ Seanie T, who is an ambassador for Tonic Music for Mental Health

A MUSICIAN is organising a special football match to raise money for a mental health charity.

The Dub Pistols’ Seanie T, who lives in Highbury, is an ambassador for Tonic Music for Mental Health, a charity working to raise awareness around mental health and promote wellbeing through music and art.

He said: “I didn’t know too much about mental health before becoming an ambassador for Tonic.

“I knew it existed but I didn’t realise the severity of mental health for musicians and everyday people.

“Charities like Tonic are there to help and that’s what I’ve really learned. Growing up, you might see mental health as people walking around the streets talking to themselves.

“But it’s absolutely not that – it is being in a dark place, you can’t talk to people, it could lead to suicidal thoughts and to suicide itself.”

The match will take place at Tonbridge Angels FC, where Seanie’s son plays, on August 22. After the football match, revellers will enjoy music as part of the event.

Celebrities confirmed to play include Barry Ashworth from the Dub Pistols and Leroy Thornhill, a former member of the Prodigy.

Seanie said: “The two things I love in life are football and music, so I suppose that I have combined them both.

“You’ve got some musicians and they have been on stage before, but they might get anxiety and they can’t go back on the stage afterwards. Especially after a lockdown, musicians have been off stage for so long and it’s hard for them to get back on stage.

“I thrive off performing, it’s almost like an alter ego type of thing.

“I’m an everyday person, if people recognise me off stage I get embarrassed.

“But on stage, I can just go for it. I enjoy entertaining and having a good time. Birth is traumatic, death is kind of mean, let’s all have a bit of fun in between.”

The event is being organised in partnership with Arsenal Football Supporters Club.

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