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Second referendum is only way out of this Brexit mess

23 November, 2018

‘Our MPs, Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry, have been pursuing political power at the expense of the interests of working people’

• WE now have on the table two Brexit options: a no-deal or hard Brexit and Mrs May’s deal. Neither is endorsed by the result in the EU referendum because the Brexit campaign sold to the British people an entirely different vision of Brexit.

True, some people are in favour of getting out of the EU whatever the cost, and some would (no doubt) take any deal, but they are only parts of the pro-Brexit majority and are almost certainly fewer in number than those who voted to remain.

The majority for Brexit was a coalition and not a uniform vote for what is now on the table. So how do we get out of this mess?

There are two options. One is to leave it to Parliament. But if we do that, we must accept that, if we disagree with what Parliament decides, we should shut up. We cannot leave things to Parliament but then undermine whatever decision it reaches.

The other option is a second referendum on a straight choice between Mrs May’s deal and remaining in the EU. The choice between Parliament and a second referendum turns on whether or not we trust our politicians.

Take our MPs, Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry. Throughout this sad process, both have been pursuing political power at the expense of the interests of working people and their constituents. Are they going to change their spots? A second referendum it has to be.

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