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Shelling out for cancelled swimming lessons

30 November, 2018

• AT the end of August, I went to Archway Leisure Centre to cancel my swimming lessons. I remembered that at my initial booking of the lessons I was told customers must give four weeks notice to cancel.

However, when I went to cancel, no mention was made of this. I asked: “Is that it?” and the receptionist nodded, which I took as confirmation that the lessons had been cancelled.

Around the end of October, the centre contacted me to say that the swimming teacher was ill and the lesson was cancelled. I informed them that I had already cancelled the lessons in August.

I spoke to the manager and I found out that my lessons were still on the system as I had not given notice in writing and that I had been charged for lessons for the months of September and October.

I asked for a refund as I had cancelled the lessons in good faith at the end of August. If I had been reminded in August, that the cancellation had to be in writing, I would have done so immediately.

I telephoned customer service at Better, which referred me to the terms and conditions of the contract I signed when I made the initial booking.

I followed the telephone request for a refund with a written email, only to be told in writing that there was a computer fault and they were not able to reply to my query and that I should contact the initial provider of the service.

Today, I checked my bank account and a further £23.60 payment for swimming lessons, which I did not receive for November, was taken from my account.

I would like to warn anyone using Better leisure services that this could happen to them if they fail to follow the exact terms of the contract they sign for lessons.

By the way the lessons were good. The staff are friendly and generally efficient. The only problem is with the inflexible refund policy.

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