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Shopping in the market is outdoors and healthier, surely

29 May, 2020

The retail units in Chapel Market are scheduled to reopen on June 15

• IT is great to see Islington Council has finally come to their senses and allowed food market stalls on Chapel Market to reopen.

I now hear stalls are being asked to move further along Chapel Market (where footfall is much lower and will impact their sales) to accommodate supermarket queues, (Traders look to avoid a big market squeeze, May 29).

Everything I have read indicates that the Covid-19 coronavirus is spread much more readily indoors than outdoors. This would suggest market stalls are much safer than cramped supermarket aisles.

Surely the council would reduce transmission risk by encouraging outdoor shopping and spread shoppers across a larger number of retail outlets, rather than concentrating them in a small number of supermarkets?

Why are large retailers being prioritised over smaller, safer, local businesses? I would encourage those stuck in supermarket queues to try the safer, quicker means of shopping and better quality (often cheaper) food at the same time.

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