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Should parliament turn blind eye to bullying claims?

26 October, 2018

• “ABUSE is terrible, it shouldn’t happen, behaviour should change anyway. But yes, if it comes to it… the most difficult decision we’ve made for hundreds of years trumps [no pun intended I hope] bad behaviour.”

You have to re-read the statement to believe it. With these words Dame Margaret Beckett reduces alleged abuse in the Palace of Westminster to an inconvenience while elevating Speaker Bercow to the valiant heights of Sir Winston Churchill.

Dame Margaret is a member of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, which makes you question whether that committee has a brief to drive standards even lower.

Some MPs are prepared to allow, unchallenged, the worst of behaviour causing horrible suffering at their place of work and justify this by claiming that the current Speaker is irreplaceable during the Brexit process. It’s in the national interest to turn a blind eye.

Dame Margaret actually uses the words “bad behaviour”. It is hard to imagine a mind blessed with the wisdom to weigh the comparative evils of alleged bullying against Brexit. Clarification from our local MPs would be appreciated.

Remainers showing their true selves: utterly shameless. They voted to remain in the EU but they lost because of their inability to make a cogent argument.

In their world view this is the decision of the millennium but they ignore earlier events that some might suggest make the question of EU membership pale into insignificance.

May 28, 1940, could compete with Brexit for number one spot. Maybe August 4, 1914; the decision by Attlee’s government to grant independence to India; the campaigning by William Wilberforce; William Pitt taking the country into the coalition fighting Napoleon: surely not when we have to face the merciless peril that is Jean-Claude Juncker. A parliament as self-important as it is slow witted.

By the way Dame Margaret, it wasn’t a “difficult decision” and you did vote for a referendum. On the question of who should be Speaker at this time of epochal decision making I suggest MP Nigel Evans.

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