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Sickly come dancing

11 November, 2021

Illustration by John Sadler 

• I HAVE had to invest in sickbags (as seen in passenger aircraft) after watching the BBC’s Breakfast programme recently, one of whose presenters is a competitor on Strictly Come Dancing.

The result is that we have regular love-fests between the said presenter and one or more of his rivals in which they gush over each others’ Saturday performances and exchange paeons of praise so fulsome that it is hard for the viewer to judge which of the two is the more wonderful/ courageous/ brilliant.

“You’re marvellous!” “Oh no, you are!” runs the weekly debate..

I’m afraid it was all too much on Monday and I was unable to keep down my scrambled organic egg and bacon.

Perhaps the solution ­– in the best BBC traditions of “balance” – is to invite a couple of curmudgeons like myself to present an opposing view.

On the one hand Strictly is a marvellous wholesome programme celebrating the best in human endeavour.

On the other it’s an unhealthy platform on which self-obsessed celebrities preen and shamelessly promote themselves and each other.

And now, over to Carol for the weather.

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