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Simon Pleydell reestablished positive relations with Whittington Hospital, its staff and patients

08 September, 2017

Round the table: Simon Pleydell and Whittington defender Shirley Franklin at a 2014 meeting

• WE ARE sad that Simon Pleydell has decided to step down as CEO of our hospital.

He has worked at the Hospital at a difficult time of increasing privatisation and underfunding of the NHS at a national level.

He is now leaving as the massive cuts (£876 million in the NCL area of Camden, Islington, Haringey, Barnet and Enfield) in the Sustainability and Transformation Plans are about to kick in.

Simon arrived at the Whittington in 2014, a year after the previous CEO, Dr Yi Mien Koh, had overseen a disastrous proposal to selloff much of our hospital, affecting nearly half the numbers of beds, staff and buildings and maternity provision.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Campaign mounted a vigorous campaign with the Whittington community to Stop the Selloff and we won!

Her catastrophic leadership created deep mistrust in the community.

Simon Pleydell has managed to reestablish the positive relations with the Hospital, its staff and patients. He clearly has a deep commitment to the NHS, and extensive knowledge of working in it. He has created an atmosphere of trust and set the hospital towards exciting developments.

His commitment to the development of a thriving and expanded Maternity Department is particularly welcome considering that it was this department, together with the Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care and Paediatrics that were threatened with closure until our massive campaign to stop the closures in 2010.

We will miss our regular meetings with Simon, when he has updated us on recent developments in the Hospital and the NHS in general, which have been informative for us and for our wider network in the local community.

We wish him luck and happiness in his new NHS roles and look forward to working with his replacement, Siobhan Harrington, with whom we already have a positive relationship.

One of our campaigns was to stop any sell-off at the Whittington. Simon did not carry out a selloff, as far as we know. We are hoping there won’t be any selloffs in the future! If any is proposed we will oppose it.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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