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Simple guidelines in keeping your car at top shape

26 June, 2018

Driving with ease

A car is no longer a luxury item reserved for a privileged few. It is now a necessity in modern society. The public transportation system may be inadequate to meet all schedules and dealines especially at the right time. Hence, the need for an alternative means of transportation. However, a car also needs maintenance, checks, and regular repairs to keep it running and in the best possible condition. Regular visits to a mechanic workshop is a good idea. But, there are simple maintenance procedures every driver can carry out. The car suspension is one of the most important parts of a car. It consists primarily of the shock absorberwhich works with the spring to limit excessive suspension movement. There are various shock absorbers for different automobiles as seen on this website. A defective shock absorber is a tremendous risk to the driver, passengers, and other vehicles. It is easy to check the suspension. Park the car and forcefully press it downwards on all corners. If it bounces severally, that is a sign the shock absorbing system is faulty and should be changed. However, for a more accurate diagnosis, a mechanic is recommended.

Best car products 2018  showcases the best set of parts you can purchase to maintain your car in perfect condition. Some of these products range from the best cleaning agents, the easiest navigation instructions, to the fastest means in eliminating scratches. Car wax that can lasts for an upward of nine years even through the worst winters without requiring a substantial professional knowledge are also available. Wheel cleaners to remove ferrous fall-out and road film can also work on the toughest grime to remove brake dusts. There was once a red revolution among wheel cleaners to find the best products which works wonders and it continues even today.

 Your car on the road

The suspension limits unneccesary movement of the car when driving thereby reducing inconvenience for all the occupants. The major task is to limit the bouncing movement of the wheel. In bad roads, the work of the suspension is appreciated more. Nevertheless, for the suspension to accomplish its purpose, the shock absorber and the spring have  to work effectively together. Both collaborate to carry the entire weight of the vehicle. The shock absorber handles the front axle in the centre of the coil spring. It is a very important part in the driving experience. Only replace shock absorbers with the best tools.


When you drive

The suspension system in family cars is different from that of ordinary automobiles. On the front axle of most family vehicles, the shock absorber and coil springs are separated from each other thereby making it easier to replace.

The shock absorbing system is a gas spring which consist mostly of a cylinder with a piston inside it. Inside the cylinder is compressed gas. The downward movement of the piston compresses the gas more and causes a counter-pressure. The vehicle moves upward with the gas spring reducing the impact of road bumps. All these work together to make the journey as pleasurable as possible.


Signs you need a new shock absorber

Constant pressure between the piston and the cylinder causes the gasket to loose its effectiveness. This can also occur because of permanent pressured gas. If the pressurized gas in the cylinder escapes, the shock absorber will be unable to carry out its functions properly. The following might be some tell-tale signs of damages: the breaking distance increases, driving through a curve becomes more difficult, there is screeching of the tyres, and the car pulls to one side when driving.


Simple ways to replace a defective shock absorber

The shock absorber is easier to replace at the rear of a vehicle because the shock absorber and coil springs are apart. Jack the car until the wheel is hanging at an angle. If the shock absorber is slack, then it can be unscrewed and replaced with a new one. But, the shock absorber at the front axle is much more difficult to replace. The internal shock absorber can be removed only after compression of the coil spring. This coil spring is a device that eases the pressure on a vehicle that might weigh several tons. The coil spring generally builds up enormous pressure because of the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, the front axle needs more time and carefulness to change and replace. It is more risky and delicate. Use only tools exactly suited for this purpose. Compression tools should be utilized. No attempt should be made which can damage the tension belt. It is too dangerous and adversely affect other functions of the automobile.


Quality shock absorbers for your vehicle

The good news is that shock absorbers are relatively affordable although they carry extensive tasks. The choice of shock absorber should depend on the use and intent of the car. The best qualities give the most reliable assurance. Branded products are a little more expensive but they are also advantageous.


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