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Since the Nag’s Head went private I’m being priced out of the market

14 April, 2017

• WHEN the Nag’s Head market was run by Islington Council, the rent for market stalls was much cheaper.

But now they are owned by private people they are charging double rent which is £25 a day. And if you do not have a good sale this is a lot of money to make up for the day.

They tell me at the Nag’s Head market they have no stall available. Yet on the weekend half of the stalls are empty. I am not the only one who wants a stall. There are many more who want one.

The council want to encourage people who want to sell clothes to have a stall. But the private people who run the Nag’s Head market are pushing them out and I wish that the council would take the market back again for fair trading for all.

I am going to write to Jeremy Corbyn to see what he can do for us. The only car boot market is at Montem School. They charge £10 for cars etc and others £5 each for rent on Sundays only which is very good.

What little money I get goes to start a Native North American Indian Museum in Holloway, which will be the first in this country. We are trying to raise £400,000 to open it.

Duncombe Road


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