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Skunk stink sparks police station evacuation

Paramedics and firefighters sent to Tolpuddle Street after seized batch of cannabis was moved

22 June, 2018 — By William McLennan

Officers found dozens of cannabis plants last year

ISLINGTON police station was evacuated yesterday (Thursday) after two members of staff fell ill while moving confiscated property – believed to be a batch of pungent cannabis – from an evidence room.

Paramedics and firefighters were sent to Tolpuddle Street shortly after 10am. Officers and backroom staff were ordered out while the London Fire Brigade’s hazmat, or hazardous material, team investigated.

Firefighters swept the building with specialist equipment before giving the all-clear after finding no “elevated levels” of toxins.

A police source said that civilian staff had fallen ill while moving seized property from the station’s storeroom.

It is thought they were overcome by the musty aroma of a seized batch of super-strength skunk.

The station in Tolpuddle Street was evacuated on Thursday

They did not need medical assistance and the station was soon operating normally again.

Officers from the Central North unit – who cover Camden and Islington – regularly confiscate drugs  from and have discovered several cannabis factories in homes and commercial properties.

It is believed the drug is stored at the station before being moved to a police warehouse. It is eventually incinerated in large batches at a location outside London.


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